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The Sapindus mukorossi fruit grows in abundance on the Sapindus trees in and around the Himalayas. The shells from this fruit contain a natural form of soap called saponine. When water is added in your washing machine, the shells spontaneously release their soap! Hypoallergenic and without chemical additives, these shells will give you a wonderfully clean and soft wash.

Due to its favourable climate, the best fruits, in terms of size and quality, are found in India and Nepal. Their shells are therefore rich in natural soap. The fruit is harvested from indigenous forests thus allowing us to create a positive impact both for the environment and for all involved in the production process.

This natural form of soap is soft on your skin, your laundry and your washing machine! In addition, the shells work as a fabric softener and can be used for all types of washes, even for delicate fabrics such as wool and silk. To enhance the experience, we have included a phial with 10 millilitres of organic and plant-based essential oils to or scented shell products.

Did you know that the soap in the Seepje shells is hypoallergenic? This implies that Seepje is skin friendly and perfect for washing baby and children’s clothes.

Put 4 whole shells or 8 halves into the cotton pouch and add the filled pouch and laundry in the drum. Add 10 drops of essential pine tree oil in the softener dispenser. The shells can be used three times!

Content: 150 grams Sapindus mukorossi (fairtrade and organic); 10 ml Pinus sylvestris (organic essential pine tree oil, allergens: Limonene, Linalool); 1 cotton laundry bag.

Good for 30 washes.
33 cent per wash.

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