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Silicone lid - Tomato Green

SKU CHA Tomato Green
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Product Details

These lids don't come in a set, they are ordered by piece and by size.

No more single use plastic foil !

These silicone culinary lids (made from silica -> sand) are inspired by nature.
Hermetic and flexible and they are amazing for cooking, keeping and warming.

- they are amazing for storing food in the fridge
- they are amazing for keeping your plates of food warm for longer
- they are amazing for keeping flies or other bugs from your food when eating outside
- they can go in the dishwasher
- they can be used in the microwave
- they can be used in the oven ( +220°c)
- they can go in the freezer (-40°c)
- they can be used as lids on cooking pots and pans on the stove
- the drink covers are handy to keep your drink warm or to keep bugs away

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