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Rosemary - Organic Essential Oil - 10ml

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Caution! Unsafe for some pets. Do not use during 1st trimester of pregnancy. Consult doctor if you want to use this essential oil during the 2nd & 3th trimester of pregnancy.


Herbaceous and invigorating, this versatile oil is traditionally favoured for enhancing memory & alertness. Ancient Greek students war garlands of it around their necks during exams; and Shakespeare has one character observe: ‘There's rosemary, that's for remembrance’.

Memory & alertness | enhances prospective memory (i.e. remembering to do something at a given time), hence ideal for busy schedule, exams, etc. When inhaled, its compounds are absorbed in the blood through the lungs and then surge up to the brain where they act on your brain chemistry. One compound, 1,8-cineole, is said to prevent a specific enzyme responsible for breaking down our “memory” chemicals, hence naturally and safely keeping us more alert.
Enhanced cognition | helps increase speed and accuracy during mental tasks.
Reducing anxiety | helps lower anxiety which, in turn, may increase the ability to concentrate better and improve sleep.
Refresh mood | mildly increases heart and respiration rate to produce a sense of freshness & activity.
Antioxidant protection | strong antioxidant properties protect skin cells and scalp from damage.
Hair regrowth | shown to be help regrow hair (between 3-6 months minimum) without the scalp itchiness found in conventional treatments.

Any specific claims are evidenced by genuine clinical studies, but not guaranteed to be successful for everyone. Contact us for more information.


Cotton ball: put a few drops in cotton balls and breathe in or place in a cylindrical container first. Keep the container at 10-20cm away and inhale 10 deep breaths. If using before sleep, place container by bedside. If at work, keep container beside desk. Repeat steps for desired effects 2-3 times a day.

Massages: Use up to 5% essential oil to carrier (i.e. 5 drops per 10ml of carrier); for children under 12 halve this amount.

Diffuser/Vaporisation: add recommended number of drops to nebulizer or cold steam diffuser.

Internal health: Add a drop to herbal tea to sharpen focus and energise.

Add few drops to bath. To help oils disperse easily, mix first with little oil or our liquid soap before pouring into bath.

Steam/Compress for cold/flu: Add 10 drops to 100ml very warm water. Soak cloth in the scented water & wrap on desired area (ideal for bruises, wounds, muscular aches & pains and skin problems). For facial steam add 5 drops to bowl of hot water, cover head with a towel to make a tent, then steam face for a few mins.

Seek professional advice to use internally or undiluted on skin • Keep away from eyes & children.


100% organic rosmarinus officinalis (ct, cineole) leaf oil [naturally occurring limonene & linalool]

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