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Recycled Toilet Paper Roll

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1 Recycled toilet roll packaged in recycled paper. 6 Different packaging designs, which you can reuse for crafting or to wrap a small gift.

Tree-friendly; that’s how it should be. And that’s why The Good Roll only uses 100% recycled paper fibres for their toilet paper and donates 50% of profits to build toilets in the developing world. So, no trees are felled, less water is used and carbon emissions decrease. Trees should simply be resplendent in nature, and not end up as a toilet roll in your bathroom. Besides, our toilet paper is very soft, super strong and just as good for you as it is for your wallet!


Normal toilet paper is made from freshly cut wood, while recycled toilet paper comes from 100% post-consumer paper waste such as books, used paper & boring leaflets. So, no trees are felled, less water is consumed and carbon emissions decrease too.

Recycled toilet paper keeps trees in the ground and ensures that they can do what they do best: Keeping our air clean!

All trees have value, some offer habitat for animals in the wild, they protect the soil against erosion and they keep our air clean. In short: trees need to live and not be flushed! There is more than enough waste paper worldwide that we can use for our toilet!


No less than 32% of the world’s population live without access to safe, clean toilets. That's the reason why The Good Roll donates 50% of their net profit to the Simavi Foundation, which is committed to building good sanitary facilities for people who need them.

Imagine having to live without a toilet and going out at night, in the dark, all by yourself, to find a private spot.

People who do not have a toilet, have to relieve themselves in very unhygienic circumstances; in clumps of bushes, behind little huts or walls, or above open water. For 2.3 billion people, this is their daily reality.

A third of the world’s population have to relieve themselves in open air because there are no safe toilets. This is not only uncomfortable, but it’s unhealthy and dangerous too. Every year over 760,000 children under five die of diarrhoea alone. There’s also added danger for the many women and girls who have to do their business in open fields where there is a greater risk of being attacked by men.

The consequences of not having a toilet and being exposed to far-reaching health risks are almost inconceivable to us, but, most of all, they are unacceptable. For this reason, The Good Roll supports the ‘WASH and Learn’ projects run by the Simavi Foundation in Africa.


...and for your well-being. Super soft and super strong, and just as good for you as it is for your wallet. No chemicals, added colors or fragrances are added to our toilet paper, so no worries!

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