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Moroccan Black Soap - Face & Body

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The Ecospa Collection

An ancient softening detoxifier

100% Organic • Ancient recipe
Softens • Detoxifies • Revitalises
Handmade in England • 180g / 6.3 oz

An ancient, skin-replenishing remedy, used to deeply clear pores & soften the body, allowing dead skin & impurities to be easily lifted.

An ideal remedy against the damaging effects pollution on skin, this unique wash experience leaves skin exceptionally radiant, smooth & ready to better absorb your moisturiser. Use with our Kessa Exfoliating Glove. Use 2-4x a month for healthier, supple skin.

Use to:
• Relieve troubled skin
• Smooth & revitalise
• Remove make-up
• Stop itchiness
• Prevent in-grown hair

Whole body & face:
1) Works best in steamy room. Warm body for few minutes in hot shower or bath.
2) Turn water off, stay in steam & massage 1 tbs of Black Soap all over wet skin & face, avoiding eyes.
3) Wait a 5-10 mins. then rinse off Black Soap thoroughly.
4) Now, deeply scrub whole body with exfoliating/kessa glove to unfold dead skin & impurities. Do not scrub same area too long. Do not scrub face. Instead, rub deeply with fingertips.
5) Rinse whole body clean. Dry & follow immediately with our Argan oil or Lotion Melt range.

For face wash only:
1) Hold face over steaming bowl of water for few minutes, (ideally with a towel draped over the head to keep steam inside - like a tent). Keep eyes closed throughout.
2) Now, massage 1tsp of Moroccan Black Soap all over face, avoiding eyes.
3) Wait a few minutes in the steam, rinse soap off thoroughly, then use fingertips to rub face deeply with an up-down motion, allowing dead skin & impurities to emerge and slough off.
4) Now rinse off and moisturise immediately with our Argan Oil or Lotion Melt range range.

Organic extra virgin olive oil (potassium olivate); organic fresh olive paste (olea europea); spring water (aqua).

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