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Kessa Exfoliating Glove

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The Ecospa Collection

Effortless skin rejuvenation

Natural biodegradable fabric
Softens • Detoxifies • Revitalises
Sourced in Morocco • Packed in England

Used in hot bath/shower to slough off dead skin & pore clogging impurities, revealing softer, suppler skin & clearer complexion. Best used with our Cold Process Moroccan Black Soap as an aid against a variety of ailments. Also used in pre or post tanning to erase errors.

Use to:
• Relieve troubled skin
• Smooth & revitalise
• Remove make-up
• Stop itchiness
• Prevent in-grown hair


General use:
Can be used as a general scrub for washing.

With Black Soap:
An effective accompaniment for Moroccan Black Soap. After applying Black Soap as directed, leave the soap on the skin for few minutes, then rinse off. Now, scrub whole body with glove for effortless peel and exfoliation.

After rinsing dead skin off, the pores should be cleansed and more easily absorb your moisturiser. Dry skin with towel and consider following immediately with our Argan Oil or Lotion Melt range.

Fabric from 100% biodegradable viscose, sourced from sustainable wood.

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