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Kashmir Lavender - Organic Essential Oils - 10ml

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Caution! Do not use during 1st trimester of pregnancy. Save for 2nd & 3th trimester of pregnancy, but consult doctor first.


Grown 5000 feet up the Himalayan foothills, Kashmir lavender essential oil is incredible calming, de-stressing & deep sleep remedy. Its light aroma evokes the pure mountain air & glacial waters that nurtured it. The rough wilderness is said to toughen the plant, producing more therapeutic & skin healing virtues than other lavenders. Its versatile uses in traditional medicine are supported by much medical research:

Enhancing quality sleep | increases the length of "deep sleep" (that critical part of sleep where our mind & body rest and re-energise) directly leading to a sense of “higher vigor” the following morning.
Mild insomnia remedy | recommended by medical researchers as a “safe alternative” to conventional pharmaceutical medicine, for "mild to moderate sleep disturbances”.
Relaxation | decreases heart rate and blood pressure, inducing a more relaxed state. Also ideal to calm irritable/sleepless babies.

Any specific claims are evidenced by genuine clinical studies, but not guaranteed to be successful for everyone. Contact us for more information.


Cotton ball: put a few drops in cotton balls and breathe in or (better still) place cotton in a cylindrical container first and breathe in from there. Keep the container at 10cm away and inhale 10 deep breaths. Repeat steps for desired effects 2-3 times a day.

Sleep: Add 1-2 drops to pillow before bed, positioned where your nose can directly breathe it in. For more troubled sleep, combine with deep breathing exercise. To do this, apply 1-2 drops of oil to the palms & rub together gently. Lay down & close eyes. When breathing to help with sleep, it is useful to focus attention on the breathing & nothing else. Restful sleep is more likely in a total dark room - no candles or mood effects.

Internal health: Add a drop to herbal tea to help unwind.

Diffuser/Vaporisation: add recommended number of drops to nebulizer or cold steam diffuser.

Bath: Add few drops to bath. To help oils disperse easily, mix first with little oil or our liquid soap before pouring into bath.

Steam/Compress for cold/flu: Add 10 drops to 100ml very warm water. Soak cloth in the scented water & wrap on desired area (ideal for bruises, wounds, muscular aches & pains and skin problems). For facial steam add 5 drops to bowl of hot water, cover head with a towel to make a tent, then steam face for a few mins.

Massages: Use 1-2% essential oil to carrier (i.e. 1-2 drops per 10ml of carrier); for children under 12 halve this amount.

Seek professional advice to use internally or undiluted on skin • Keep away from eyes & children.


100% lavandula angustifolia flower oil [naturally occurring geraniol, limonene & linalool]

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