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Gift Box Zero Waste - Green

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Vegan - Cruelty free - Eco - Unisex

In the box:

  • A soft toothbrush with a 'rechargeable' head:
    The handle of our toothbrush is composed of 70% castor derivatives (the plant) and 30% plastic (just enough to solidify it). So, our toothbrush is as neutral as possible in carbon!

    Every three months, for reasons of hygiene and brushing efficiency, we recommend changing your head. You just have to unclip your head to put a new one, all beautiful and brand new! And what do we do with the old head? You can drop it off at one of our resellers for optimal recycling.

    The toothbrush present in this box is soft head and the color of the handle is a surprise! Possible colors of the toothbrush handle: Fir, Raspberry, Purple, Yellow and Blue 🙂

    Composition: Bioplastic handle: 70% ricin / 30% plastic. Made in France
    Rechargeable head: Nylon bristles and ABS base. Made in Italy
    Packing in compostable cardboard.
  • A strong peppermint toothpaste:
    Our strong peppermint toothpaste lasts twice as long as a conventional toothpaste! Its composition is 100% natural and contains no endocrine disruptor (no sulphate, no preservatives!).
    Its use is very simple ! Simply rub your already wet toothbrush on the cube to make it foam.
    Composition 100% of natural origin. Made by hand in France.
    Contains organic essential oil of peppermint.
  • A solid deodorant:
    Our solid deodorant, thanks to the anti-bacterial priorities of baking soda and palmarosa essential oil, is effective from morning to evening against bad odors! It does not contain aluminum salts.
    To use it, wet the deodorant and passes it on the sweat zones. A thin transparent film will settle and will suffice to nibble the bacteria.
    Composition 100% of natural origin. Made by hand in France.
    Contains organic essential oil of palmarosa. COSMOS Natural Cosmos
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