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Facial Steam - Kindness Botanical Blend

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A gentle caring bouquet of balancing, soothing and reparative botanicals for deep pore decongestion, purification skin hydration and nourishment. Perfect for sensitive, maturing and problem prone skin. Each jar contains 120ml of facial steam botanicals.


- Add a few generous pinches of herbs to bowl and cover with boiling water; allow to cool slightly and place towel over head to create steam tent.

- Breathe deeply and enjoy 5-15 minutes; take this time to relax completely clear the mind.

- Strain resulting tea. You can use this tea to:
  • Enhance your next bath
  • Bottle, refrigerate and use as a facial toner within the next 4 days
  • Add to one of our face mask powders to create a skin loving botanical face mask


- Steam opening of pores to clear skin of excess oil, dirt and bacteria to promote circulation, oxygenation and detoxification of the skin.

- Use resulting tea from the facial steam as a botanical facial tonic.

- Mix resulting tea from the facial steam with one of our facial mask powders.

- Add resulting tea from the facial steam to warm bath for a relaxing and nourishing soak.

- Use loose leaf tea; add 1-3 teaspoons to tea ball, herbal tea-bag or cafetiere for a nourishing herbal tea


- Arnica Flowers, used in many healing and therapeutic preparation

- Chamomile Flowers, calming and caring are the main active properties of this aromatic plant

- Hibiscus Flowers, referred to as the "botox plant" for its anti-aging, firming and toning impact on the skin

- Rose Petals, loving and nourishing, rose is the perfect antidote for tired, dull and sensitive skin

- Rosemary, famed for its cleansing and anti-bacterial properties

- Seaweed Flakes, packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals essential to skin health

- Blue Cornflowers, loaded with anti-septic properties, have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to sooth irritations

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