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Face Mask - Detox Charcoal

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A deep pore cleaning face mask powder made with 100% natural minerals and infused with australian midnight black clay, pharmaceutical grade activated charcoal and ground lemon peel, designed to detox, replenish and rebalance the skin. Suitable for oily and blemish prone skin. Each jar contains 120ml of face mask powder providing 6-8 face masks.


+ Place 2 tsp of powder in to a bowl. Add 2tsp of warm water a bit at a time to the powder until a smooth and creamy paste is achieved.

+ Apply to skin in an even layer

+ Leave on skin for 10 minutes

+ Rinse well and pat skin dry

+ Apply mositurising cream or facial oil to complete


You can swap water for hydrosol, yogurt, honey or aloe vera gel for additional skin benefits.

Combine with our facial steam which will open pores making the facial powder more affective and provide you with a nourishing hydrosol to blend your face mask powder


+ Gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal

+ Detox pores to remove dirt and draw out impurities

+ Can be applied to face, neck arms and legs to improve the appearance and tone of skin


+ Australian Black Clay, a superfine high strength clay that is midnight black in colour and used by the cosmetic industry for it’s incredible cleansing, sebum regulating and skin strengthening properties.

+ Diatomaceous Earth, a natural anti-inflammatory mineral loaded with silica required by the body to build collagen, a key component of beautiful skin.

+ Activated Charcoal, a delicate super fine silky powder that packs a punch when it comes to removing toxins.

+ Lemon Peel, more famous for it cleansing and anti-bacterial properties is also a powerful sebum balance. Healthy sebum balance helps fight acne and sooth problem prone skin.

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