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Dog Waste Bags - Home Compostable

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  • Bag dimensions 230 mm x 330 mm
  • 8 rolls of 120 bags
  • Material is made with 30 % renewable resources
  • Biodegradable even outside of industrial composting.
  • OK Compost HOME certified tested under 20°C - 30°C )
  • Dog waste bags from The Sustainable People

OK compost HOME certified (tested at 20-30°C) and therfore biodegradable under lower temperature conditions as they prevail in the european environment. This ensures that the degradation is feasable outside of the industrial composting (OK compost / EN 13432).

TSP biodegradable dog waste bags are made with 30 % renewable resources. The remainder is petroleum-based but its chemical structure is built so it can be segregated by enzymes and then metabolised by microorganisms to water, CO2 and biomass. This results in a lower oil consumption and thus CO2 savings.

The packaging, the roll core and the sticker (which is holding the roll together) are made of cardboard and are thereby biodegradable. The used box is made of FSC certified material.

Good to know:
The home compostable dog waste bags are free of GMOs and plasticizers. They are tear and moisture resistant while the owners enjoy a pleasent sense and a particularly safe feeling due to the matte finish.


Daily people walk their dog, a lot of people. And they (hopefully) keep the streets clean by picking up the feces with a disposable bag. A plastic bag. Often these bags get thrown away in nature, find their way to water streams or end up in landfill.

These days there are a lot of biodegradable bags but they need industrial heating to biodegrade, so they can't be composted in your garden. At the moment in Belgium biodegradable/compostable plastics get filtered out of your organic waste (GFT), out of fear that it is normal plastic. But it also needs longer industrial heating than organic waste. So it may not be thrown in the organic waste bin (GFT).

But these dog waste bags are home compostable! They biodegrade in normal conditions in your garden or on your compost (or in nature if they would end up there. Please don't litter on purpose). They say it is better not to throw feces of meat-eating pets on your compost. So I recommend emptying the dog feces in the residual waste bin (restafval) or even in the toilet. Then you may throw the bag on the compost. If you don't have access to a compost, you can throw the bag with the feces in the residual waste bin (restafval). If you recycle your plastics separately (you're awesome!), don't throw compostable/biodegradable/bioplastics with normal plastics. It will weaken the recycled plastic.

The processing systems for bioplastics and biodegradable plastics is not yet on point. Some biodegradable plastics really do need industrial heating, so if they end up in nature of water, they won't biodegrade. Make sure if you buy something in plastic, it has the 'home/water/soil OK COMPOST' logo on it. This way it will degrade when it would end up nature. This makes the big difference with normal plastics.

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