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Bread Cutting Board

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Product Details

35x25 cm // Not suitable for dishwasher

The colored Pebbly breadboard has an aesthetic design. A notch on the top rack has been added and allows you to lift it effortlessly to empty crumbs. The depth of the tray helps to hold crumbs and prevents them from falling during transport. You can use this colorful breadboard directly on the table to cut and serve the bread.
This colorful breadboard is an easy-to-store element that has been designed to take up the least amount of space thanks to its flat and compact shape. It can be easily stacked horizontally or stored vertically with your other boards. The Pebbly colored breadboard is ideal for cutting bread before or during the meal. It also has a very good stability on the worktop or the dining table when presenting or cutting bread.
The bamboo component of this colorful breadboard is strong and sturdy, it has the advantages of being moisture resistant and durable. Bamboo is known for its ecological aspect, it is indeed a plant that grows quickly, requires very little water and can be harvested up to 5 times in the year. Moreover, its easy maintenance guarantees you a comfort of daily use.
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