Dear Planet

We live in such a fast paced society that is mainly focused on consumption, making money, materialism and status.

Let’s be honest: our way of life, our health and our mind are more out of balance than ever. And we are taking down the planet with us.

At Dear Planet we believe that we need to rethink our lifestyle. Go back to our roots, how we were supposed to coexist with the planet, the seasons, nature and animals. Dear Planet is all about reconnecting with nature and yourself. Green, slow, simple and mindful living.

We want to make more conscious and eco-friendly choices for our planet. But also live slower, live a meaningful life where every moment is precious.


In our webshop you can find eco-friendly and reusable products for
a plastic free / zero waste / low waste lifestyle.

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My name is Amber, founder of Dear Planet (Based in Belgium).

I mostly spend my time learning more about how to live a greener & healthier life. I live a low waste, eco friendly lifestyle and I eat mostly plantbased (vegan). My love for our planet constantly brings me closer to nature. I am teaching myself more about plants and their healing benefits. Nature provides all we need. I love reconnecting with my inner roots.

So in October 2018 I decided to take the jump and start my own company called ‘Dear Planet’, which would be all about that green, happy and healthy lifestyle. Under this name I want to launch several projects. The first one was my eco-friendly pop up store in Mechelen, from February 2019 until the end of May 2019. What an adventure, it was probably the most fun and exciting project I ever did.

The pop up store is now closed, but has continued in an online format. Dear Planet has now a low waste webshop.

In the future Dear Planet will launch projects, events, workshops, gatherings,… that will focus on a green (low waste) lifestyle, slow & mindful living, self love, self care and herbalism.

Last but not least, a random & fun fact: my personality type is The Protagonist (ENFJ) and the description is kinda-creepy accurate. I am one of those what they call ‘social introverts’.

I do want to point out that English is not my native tongue, Flemish is. But I decided to write in English for a bigger audience. So my apologies in advance for wrong use of words or grammar.

If you relate to any of that, well make sure to subscribe and join me on this journey to a happier, healthier and greener lifestyle!