Reduce the impact of your baby/child


A baby needs diapers for 2 to 4 years. Around 5000 to 7000 diapers will be used during this short period. These diapers are not recyclable and all end up on landfill. The eczema most babies get when wearing a diaper comes from the synthetics in them.

The eco friendly and healthier alternative is the washable organic cotton/bamboo diaper. It might put you off, because you think it is disgusting. But I heard a lot of moms explain it really isn’t that bad. You can even put compostable paper liners in there if necessary. You throw the poop in the toilet and then you wash the diapers.

Just think about all the waste you will avoid and that it is healthier for your baby.

You will have to invest in around 24 diapers, which can cost a bit, but if you compare it to the 7000 single use diapers… It will save you a lot of money. If it’s too much, you can always buy them secondhand.

Gonna throw another quick tip in here. Instead of using paper towels or single use moist paper to wipe the baby’s bum or mouth, use washable wipes. If you don’t want to buy a few, just cut up some old textile. 🙂

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These days most child toys are made from plastic and based on trends. So every few weeks/months there is a new toy that your kid will desperately want. In my previous blog I mentioned all the resources new stuff requires. So try to avoid buying so many new toys. Especially plastic ones. The plastic toys contain toxins (such a BPA) that are harmful for your child. And one day the toy will end up on landfill. Try to buy sustainable / eco-friendly toys made out of wood for example, which can be used for generations. If your child really wants something particular, try to find it secondhand. This goes the same for other items you need for you baby or child. Cribs, clothing, dining sets, books, …

Try to get your child to be creative, make things and play outside. Make household chores fun. Learn them how to grow veggies. Teach them yoga and meditation. Do treasure hunts. Let them help you cook. Craft together. Read books. Let them creating little theater plays & film it. Keep them busy and creative without needing so many toys.

Also a kind reminder to switch to the stainless steel or glass baby bottles. The plastic ones contain BPA and are really unhealthy for your child.

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The fashion industry has a huge impact on the planet. It also requires tons of water. Try to stop supporting fast fashion industry chains that have a new collection every week. Buy less clothing, but when you do, find eco brands, with sustainable materials & without plastic materials. The best way is to buy secondhand.

Especially with baby and child clothing. A child grows so fast, that you’ll need new clothing every few months. Imagine the impact that this has on the planet. But also it costs you so much money. Buy child clothing secondhand and try to keep it minimal. I know baby clothing is beyond adorable, but it is not worth it.

A fun idea is to host a baby/child clothing swap event with other moms.

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