Zero Waste tips #7 to #12

Tip 7: Buy plastic free skincare

In my previous blogpost I mentioned the tip ‘Make your own skin care products’. But some people don’t have the time or just don’t fancy making their own products. So not to worry, once again I’ve got your back *wink wink* . In my webshop you can find plastic free self care products. Glass jars with steel lids. Check out the products here.

Tip 8: Ditch the chewing gum

The main ingredient of most chewing gum is a type of plastic. The streets are full of gum and they are literally stuck there forever. Plus nothing more annoying than stepping into a fresh one. Needless to say they are bad for the environment and for animals. Now you probably release it’s not a great idea to swallow those nasty things. Better alternative are mints in a tin.

Tip 9: Glitter

Yep, glitter is plastic. It’s tiny and it gets e-v-e-r-ywhere. Think about makeup, or kids makeup! It is full of glitter. And when they wash it off, it all gets into the water. No good.

If you can’t miss glitter in your life, there is now biodegradable glitter on the market. I don’t sell it in the webshop, but you can find it through on the internet (sneaky tip: use Ecosia as a search engine. With your searches they will plant trees with the profit. Yihaa!).

Other things that contain glitter: clothing (this glitter will also end up in the water during washing), Christmas cards & decoration, shoes, accessories, craft supplies, nail polish, cosmetics, paint, ….

Tip 10: Makeup remover

Oh man, do I remember the days that I would use makeup removal wipes EVERY SINGLE DAY. How ignorant. I would end up with a trash bin full of these wipes. Apparently they aren’t even good for your skin.

Using a makeup remover that comes in a plastic bottle instead of the wipes? Well, you don’t need any of them. Those times are over.

You can just switch to cold pressed coconut- or olive oil. You can find these in glass jars/bottles. Just smear some over your makeup (also the eyes) with your hands or use washable makeup remover pads . Rinse well with water. Et voila!

Tip 11: Start your own garden or go to a self pick farm

If you don’t find organic veggies without plastic packaging, what better way than start your own garden? Super eco friendly, locally produced without any transportation or cooling, seasonal veggies, organic, FRESH FRESH FRESHEDY FRESH. The nutrition is so much higher than when you buy your vegetables in a supermarket.

But I live in an apartment at the moment, so I don’t have a garden. You too perhaps. Or maybe you do have a garden but you just simple don’t have the time or green fingers? Well there are community gardens in some cities or self pick farms. This picture is taking when I joined my mom to self pick farm (zelfplukboerderij) De Klepper in Wolvertem. It’s basically a farm that grows veggies en fruit and you pay a membership to go and harvest veggies/fruits on their fields. Which is just awesome. No plastic! And it just can’t get any healthier & fresher than that.

Tip 12: Refuse freebies

Okay so there is this thing in Belgium called ‘Collect&Go’. Basically it is a supermarket service where you pay a little extra for them to get your groceries ready so that you just have to pick them up. Which is super handy when you are a busy bee.

BUT. Every single time, they throw freebies/samples in my box. And I always kindly refuse them. If I needed those things, I would have bought them myself. So I obviously have no need for them, plus it is mostly plastic packaging. People tend to love free things, which is normal. But like I said, it’s often not something you need/like/want so it will end up in your closet (clutter clutter clutter) or in your trash. So try to say no to freebies. You don’t need all that stuff 🙂 Minimalizing your stuff feels great.

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