We are open!

UPDATE: The pop up is over.
From the 12th of February to 25th of May 2019. What an amazing time!

But now you can shop online in our webshop.

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, dogs & cats, the time has come.

Yes, that’s right.

I kid you not.

What an amazing feeling!
I worked hard on this and I might be a bit proud.
Just a little. *cough*

Random side note: While I’m typing this, a man is watching my shop window with such interest, while eating an ice cream. I don’t know if he looks passionate about my products or his ice cream. I mean, it’s freezing outside, so he must be very dedicated to that ice cream.

Okay, got distracted there for a sec.

Dear Planet – The Pop Up Store

Say goodbye to plastic waste & toxic chemicals,
say hello to the Dear Planet pop up store!

• Plastic free low waste & reusable items • 
• Natural/vegan/organic self care products •
• Crystal rings •
• Products for women, men, baby & child •

Time to care about our planet & your health!

In the coming days & weeks, I’ll be posting more about the products I sell over here. Or even better, you can come check it out for yourself.
Or if you are dedicated to sugar, like the man before my shop window, across the street is a donut shop.

Facebook page

I launched a Facebook page today for Dear Planet and would love it if you’d give it a like ! And you would be even more kickass if you’re share the page on your own feed. Bless you, freaking amazing human-being.

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