Exciting news…

I wish you all a year full of joy, love, new adventures and little wonders.

Yes I know, I have been absent for quite some time. BUT because I was busy with a pretty damn exciting ‘little’ project. And I am finally ready to put the word out!

Are you ready?

This February… I will be opening a ‘Dear Planet’ pop up shop! WOOHOO.
Pretty damn wicked, right? The shop will be located in Mechelen, Belgium.

What will you find at Dear Planet?
All sort of fancypants stuff, of course!
Such as:

  • Natural self-care products (focussing on skin- & bodycare, currently no makeup). Most of the products are plastic free, because I care a lot about this. My goal is to be entirely plastic free in the future. Also good news for vegans: I’ve got your back!
  • A range of crystals and gems

  • Products to reduce your waste (swaps for a low waste lifestyle).
    Examples: safety razors, take away mugs, soap berries for your laundry, biodegradable patches, alternative for Nespresso capsules, menstrual cup,…
  • Some books involving a green, healthy and happy lifestyle (and I will sneak in some of my favorite fantasy books, just for the sake of it)
  • ….

I don’t know about you, but hey-ho, I’m flipping thrilled about this!

So I will open in the second week of February, if all goes smoothly.
The correct address: Geitestraat 15, 2800 Mechelen.
For more practical information, such as opening hours, stay tuned!
I will post updates on Instagram as well.

Yay for February! Starting 2019 with a bang.
If you are excited for this, it would be absolutely amazing if you’d share this post so that the word spreads out. Good karma points!

Look forward to seeing you there,
have an amazing day!



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