World Vegan Day 2018

You guys, tomorrow, 1 November, it’s World Vegan Day.

Yes you heard me right.
VEGAN. As in: no meat, no dairy, no eggs, no honey, no anything coming from animals.

But why should you consume less/no meat and other animal product? If you are ignorant about this subject, then this blog post will hopefully be an eye opener! 🙂

Get comfy, it’s gonna be a long one.

Am I vegan?

Well, at home I am. But I don’t put a label on myself so that if someone cooks meat for me, I can politely eat it. But yes, at home I cook mostly vegan. What I never eat, is dairy and eggs. I do believe that dairy is harmful for humans, because it was made for tiny calves to grow into big ass cows in like… no time. It was simply never meant for humans to consume. Our bodies are not made for it. Around 65% of the world population can not digest the lactose (milk sugar) in dairy anyways. So it is obviously something we do not need, in the contrary.

But also, in my case, I am even intolerant to all things dairy and eggs (and banana, sadly enough). So eating vegan became easier for me, because it makes me feel crazy much healthier. Since I stopped eating anything that contains dairy or eggs, I lost 5 kgs in only 1,5 month and I stopped suffering from feeling ill all-the-freaking-time. So I finally feel healthy and my body looks as it did before. Because the past few years I gained weight for no reason, I stopped eating sugar and junk food, followed low carb diets, but still I would gain weight. I started to do sport, nop, still gaining weight. It was so frustrating and demotivating. Doctors wouldn’t give me any helpful advice. Finally I did weeks of research myself and I decided to do an intolerance test. Et voila, surprise surprise surprise, I appeared to be intolerant to dairy and eggs. So I cut it out of my diet and BAM, healthy and losing weight like a piece of cake. Besides that I eat also no soy, no sugar, no gluten, no heavily processed foods, and almost no meat. Basically my diet only contains out of plants, low sugar fruits, a lot of coconut based goods, seeds, nuts, healthy carbs and healthy fats. That’s basically it.

That is my personal health story concerning veganism. It definitely made the step to eating more vegan an easy choice.

But then, the meat side of the story. This is the one that concerns me the most. I try not to eat meat (again, if I am not eating at home and someone made meat, I will eat it). And not because I am intolerant to meat, because I’m not. No. But for many other reasons, concerning you, your health, animals, and the whole freaking planet.

Got your attention? GOOD. Let’s do this.

THE MEAT INDUSTRY & why it is shit.

Because there are so many facts and numbers about animal agriculture, I’ll just confront you with this mind blowing infographic.


Cowspiracy (amazing documentary) infographic in metric system version !

Umh. Can you imagine? That the full production for 1 teeny tiny stupid burger wastes the same amount of water as 2 months worth of showering! And that is only the water waste impact of the meat industry. Besides that it has, as you can read, an extreme impact on climate change, global waste, deforestation, extinction of species (other random fact:in the past 40 years, 60% of wild animals disappeared), mono culture, pollution of oceans and rivers, land use, animal cruelty, …

Impact of being a vegan…


On the other side… is meat/fish/animal product healthy?

Also meat and other animal product appear to be unhealthy. I won’t be discussing this in, because I can’t proof such things. Nutrition is the ultimate never-ending war discussion. Every study or opinion is contradictory to other studies and opinions, and it just drives you mad. “Coconut oil is healthy” – “No coconut oil is the worst” – “Meat creates cancer cells” – “No we need meat” – “Chia seeds are healthy” – “Chia seeds are so bad for you” – …
Finally you just think “f-it”.
I believe the best way is to just try things, listen to your body and see how you feel, make your own decisions about food.

But I myself do believe that animal product has a bad impact on our health, even if it is only because most animals live in bad and stressful human-created circumstances, aren’t grass fed, are stuffed with antibiotics, hormones and other toxic things,… And fish,  farmed fish: full of antibiotics, and wild caught fish: full of plastic (Currently there are pieces of plastic in our oceans. Our doing. Again). Honestly humans just have a way of destroying our planet, nature and the animals, all for our own benefits. But let’s face it, it is absolutely not beneficial for us. Because we have created this unhealthy way of living full of destruction, climate change, toxics, chemicals, plastics and waste that have a negative impact on our planet and all its creatures AND on our own health. It is ONLY beneficial for certain companies that get stinky-rich by making people believe this is the way we need to live/eat/consume. AND IT IS NOT.

3 Things you can do right now

We have to start taking action, people. Right now. Stop waiting for others to save the day. Three things that you can do, NOW, TODAY, that will have a major positive impact:
eat less/no meat, stop buying plastic, recycle.

Typical that I dive from meat into plastics. But they both have just such terrible impact on animals and the planet. If numbers and words don’t effect you.. Maybe visuals will.


Let us change this, shall we?
Like our main man – Gandhi, said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

So, tomorrow, World Vegan Day.
Will you participate and skip meat tomorrow?
Or will you start to eat less or no meat from now on?
Maybe you already do and then I can only thank you.
And on another note, will you try to buy less plastic and produce less trash?

Inspire & inform people around you.

Stay kind,

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