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I wasn’t able to write a new post, because it has been two rough weeks. My grandfather sadly left us and it was an emotional rollercoaster. It was the first time I lost a family member and it makes you feel quite empty and afraid. But, I hope he is in a happy place.


It is time to get my shit back together and bring the positive things back into my routine. Today I want to share my morning routine. It is my me-time moment and one that makes me extremely happy. I am without doubt an absolute morning person! Evenings, to me, are for relaxing and sleeping. I am not the outgoing person, at, all.

My morning starts with drinking water and doing my pampering routine (read: skin- and body care). But I would like to dedicate a whole other post to that. Because I love love love the topic ‘natural skincare’. So look out for that!

Today I’ll share all the other random little habits I do in the morning that make me feel all fussy and warm inside. It are the little things in life that should make you happy.

SO. After all the pampering, I start the rest of my morning routine. Mind you, I don’t do all these habits every single day. It depends all on how much time I have that morning.

1. Make your bed

The first thing I do, is make our bed. It appears that if you do this right away in the morning, you get a more productive mindset that day. And for me personally, it does feel that way.

If I dare to start the day sitting in the sofa “to wake up” (and watching youtube), it has the opposite effect. I keep feeling tired and I end up sitting there way too long. I get in my lazy-ass-mode. Neglecting my to-do list. And finally, ruining my productive day. Let’s be honest, that’s not a nice feeling to start your day. Mornings are for productivity, for kicking ass. So, don’t your dare sit down, make your bed! 😉


2. Listen to something inspiring or educational

IMG_8819First thing I do when I get downstairs is putting something on to listen to that will inspire me. I am a very visual person, so I love youtube because I watch content that motivates, inspires and educates me. The only problem is that you have to ‘watch’ it. So I try not to do this in the morning, so that I won’t be wasting too much time watching videos.

I prefer to put on an audiobook or podcasts to listen to while I’m doing other things. Since this week, I often put on ‘Radio 1‘ (Belgian radio channel), because in the morning they talk about such excellent topics. Love it.

I am a reader, but lately I often don’t find the time to sit down and read. So for me audiobooks are an amazing way to catch up the stories I want to read. It’s amazing during household chores (everything becomes more fun), doing you skincare routine or while driving. I use the app ‘Scribd’.


3. Make your place cosyIMG_8790.JPG

My environment has a huge impact on me. On most people. So I make sure my place feels cosy, warm and inspiring. I light an amazing smelling soy candle, I tidy up and do some minor cleaning, I empty the dishwasher, I put on some nice background content to listen to,…

Something I love to do, is drinking water with some lemon, apple cider and turmeric, for a good digestion. When I cut the lemon, I do a fun cleaning hack with the other half of the lemon. If you want, you can check it out in a fancy pants (NOT) diashow below.

Anyway: A tidy place creates a tidy mind.


4. A healthy breakfast


Breaky time! I need a breakfast to function. I just don’t get how people are able to start their day without.

Make sure your breakfast contains several things.
A healthy fat, a probiotic, a protein, some fiber, some fruit, …

This was the base of my breakfast this morning. I made fun short videos to put in this post, but apparently I can only post videos if I am a premium subscriber… Surprise surprise surprise. So you get a low quality screenshot. Hurray.

The base you see on the picture contains some vegan almond yoghurt as a probiotic (I don’t eat dairy, soy, sugar, eggs and gluten, just so you know). Then I add some vegan pumpkin protein from Purasana, some flax seeds for fiber and some pecan nuts for some calories and fat. Afterwards I added slices of apple and a dash of almond-coco butter for a healthy fat. It is a delicious and super healthy breakfast.


We can’t forget a hot drink to make you feel all warm and content! I try not to drink coffee, because it appears to dehydrate you. I switched to drinking tea more regularly. I love this bio fair trade brand ‘La Route de Comptoirs‘. I am a sucker for green tea with ginger, or this black tea with rose petals and red berries. Also super delicious. Mama mia. I love a little tea moment. I use the Kinto Japanese glass teapot with filter, so that I can just put my herbs and teablends loose in the pot. I LOVE that thing. It makes my tea experience so much more fun and easy. No more teabags for me.



5. Take a breath of fresh air (and some sunlight)



I like to take my tea outside. Especially now, with fall upon us. I take a blanket or a big sweater and I sit outside on our terrace for a while. I love the crisp air. Give your brain and body enough oxygen to start the day. It’s amazing, especially when the sun is out! We are blessed with direct sunlight on our terrace in the mornings. I love the warm feeling on my skin.



6. Take supplements



Due to some health issues I take some supplements. After another blood test, there were still some other things my body needed a bit more of, so I take quite the amount of supplements.

I take zinc, manganese, B6, B12, magnesium, vitamine D and iron. I also take a curcuma/turmeric pill for my joints and my digestion. Normally I also take a probiotic supplement but I’m out of those and looking for a good brand. I also would like to add omega 3.

Supplements are NOT medication. I try to avoid medication as much as possible. But you should do a blood checkup once in a while to find out if  your body needs something extra to function properly. Having a short on something can have multiple negative effects in your body.

7. Water your plants

We have a crazy amount of plants in our apartment. We are fortunate that we only have to water all of them once a week. We do that on Sunday mornings. But I do water my herbs every other day. I love to add fresh herbs in our salads and other meals, so I have to keep them happy and healthy (a.k.a. “alive”).

Having plants in your home has only benefits! Some of them purify the air and they have a positive and relaxing effect on your mood. And they are just so esthetically pleasing. Let’s face it. Plants are the bomb.


IMG_8818.jpg8. Plan your day

I love lists. I make lists about… well, about just anything. But my to-do list in the morning is the most important one. When I wake up I think of so many things I should do that day and so many “Oh I can’t forget to…”. Well. I do forget. So I just write down all the thoughts and things I need to do that day.

You should pick only 3 main things you should focus on that day. And then some little side items/chores. Things I wasn’t able to cross off, I move to my to-do list of the next day. Don’t beat yourself up if you weren’t able to do everything in only one day. Give yourself a break.





That concludes my morning routine. After that it’s time to work, go to the fitness, to an appointment, meet a friend, do groceries or whatever I need to do that day. In the afternoon I like to do something active as a break. Go for a walk, a run or some yoga (I only just started yoga and I suck at it at the moment, you have no idea).

I will make sure I’ll do a post about my natural skincare routine 🙂 I did have some layout issues, I think it’s due to my template. Hope I’ll be able to fix that in the future. My apologies for the weird outlining!

What are little things you enjoy to do in the morning?

Have an excellent day!

Stay cosy,


If you were interested in the cleaning hack with a lemon:

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  1. I should definitely take note from you! I’m not a morning person, but weirdly, I’ve had some kind of strange change recently where when I wake up, I’m like “okay then!” instead of “noooo let me sleep!” 😂 I’ve weirdly been excited to wash my face each morning when I wake up as I have a new skincare routine 😂

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