5 day juice cleanse: my experience

It has finally arrived! The first day I can eat again. So that means that my 5 day juice cleanse came to an end and I am here to tell you all about it. Woohoo.

As you may have read in my previous blog, I ordered a 5 day juice detox from Sapje and I loved it. Well sort of. Let me sort things out for you. Get yourself a big glass of Kombucha (or yeah yeah, coffee, whatever) and get ready for a big, a very big, rant.

The day before

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My delivery arrived around 4pm. The bottles were frozen, so I stocked as many as possible in our freezer and put the rest in the fridge, so they could defrost for the next 2-3 days. Sadly one bottle broke during its journey here. The poor fella. The bottles are made of glass, so that happens. I try to reduce my waste, so hell no I want so many plastic bottles in 5 days. It was one of main reason why I chose for Sapje.

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Day 1

Juice schedule for Day 1, 2 & 3:


I was super excited to start this detox treatment because I really wanted to experience this for myself. Would it have a positive or negative impact on me? Would I be able to do it? Would I have enough discipline? And damn all those beautiful colored juices. The greens, the purples, the oranges! Yum!

The morning went okay. I had my first few juices: kick, detox & energy.

I have to say, the Energy juice is simply freaking delicious. It’s main ingredient is beetroot. It is so so so good. My least favorite juice of the day is probably the detox juice. Also the cleanse shot is pretty damn intense, but I don’t mind it.

In the afternoon I was so nauseous of being so hungry. It was really hard and I spend the rest of the day in the sofa. I fel really weak.

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Cooking for my boyfriend Sam that evening, was the woooorst. I wanted to eat all of it and I had to watch him eat all that deliciousness while I was drinking my teeny-tiny soup. I have to admit. I was grumpy, hangry. Really hangry. And I was still crazy bloated. So extra grumpy.

But I came through the day, jippie yay.

Day 2

Morning update: I weighed myself and I lost 1 kg! In one day. YES. YES. YESSSSS!

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The second day went already much better. I still felt weak but I could control the hunger already a bit more.

I didn’t experience any headaches, which I have been dealing a lot with lately.. So that was just great! I did had my period during this cure, which is not recommended, oops. And it ended way earlier than usual. Which, again, I thought was greaaat.

In the late afternoon I was getting hungry again. I cooked again in the evening for Sam and again it was so frustrating. It is also weird to cook and not being able to taste during the process. But day two went pretty good.

Day 3

Morning update: Lost only 100 gram. But hey that’s good too.

From day 3 I noticed that I had a lot of energy, I was not being tired like I usually am. I was feeling pretty damn good.

My friend Maaike spend the day at my place and I made her a salad for lunch. Honestly it looked so good (probably just because I was hungry) and when she was eating it I constantly smelled it. I SMELLED A SALAD. WHO EVERY SAID “THAT SALAD SMELLS SO GOOD”. Okay, yes, I have, but only when there are baked goods on it, like goat cheese or shrimps. WHATEVER, IT SMELLED GOOD. OKAY?


In the evening I was insanely hunger, but manageable. I didn’t get sick from hunger, like I normally would. When I wait to long to eat, I start trembling and I get so nauseous. But I didn’t experience any of that. Which I am so excited about! Hopefully my body will react better to hunger from now on. Also I’ll probably be able to eat smaller portions. Yay!

Day 4

Juice shedule for day 4 & 5:


Morning update: I forgot to weigh myself.

Day 4 and 5 have some different juices than the first three days. I was sad to see that I won’t be having the Energy juice anymore. It was the only juice I was really excited about when missing food. I thought all the juices were okay, non of them made me want to vomit, so hey, that’s good news! But the juices from day 4 and 5 were my least favorite. The energy and the fresh juice from the first 3 days were so much more delicious. Which was tough, because the last two days were really hard for me. I was missing food sooooo much. Holy guacamole. Speaking of guacamole, I missed avocados. Dude, this was hard.

For lunch we had to go to this event in the my home town. Which involved watching Sam and my brother eating beef stew with croquettes, finishing it off with a big fat piece of pie. Ho man, the struggle. The smell. THE SMELLLLL.

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Me in hangry mode

I tried to work, I tried to read, but I just couldn’t focus. I was thinking so much about food. So, I finally ended up spending the rest of the afternoon looking at food on Pinterest. Yup that’s right. That is how pathetic I was. Typical right? You can’t eat, so you just watch food pictures. Sure. Like that’s gonna make things any easier, woman! I was having such a difficult time. But the worst was yet to come. Let me tell you that.

That evening, Sam and I had to visit his family. All 6 of them were eating pizza and afterwards tiramisu. The whole house was smelling so delicious. Oh man why does pizza smell so damn good. It is nerve-racking. I was having my 240ml of Broccoli soup. Imagine my excitement. Dear lord.

That night I decided I would dedicate myself the next week to making the perfect gluten free vegan healthy pizza. MARK MY WORDS.

But I managed. Again. But I was hating every second of it. It was a difficult day, watching so many people eating things you can actually chew on.

But hey, I was feeling pretty good. Thank God that the juices from Sapje are actually really good and that you get so many. I am so grateful I ordered from them.

Last evening. Boy oh boy, was I looking forward to that last day.

Day 5 – The final!

Morning update: I lost 700 gram.

One day left of juicing! I did wake up with a headache that morning. Don’t know what the reason was. Also I felt nauseous of hunger that morning. But it passed. I even skipped three hours of juicing because I had to do several groceries. So when I got back home I drank all three of them in one sitting. Yes ma’am, I did. I payed a lot of toilet visits that hour, let me tell you that.

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I missed this delicious Energy juice so much!

The rest of the day went okay. But I ended up looking at food on Pinterest, again. I know. Lame. I had never expected I would MISS food that much.

In the evening I cooked once again for Sam and watched him eat it. It was tough and that evening I suffered a lot of cravings. Thank God Sam was so supportive. When we watched a movie in the evening, he endured my billion interruptions of me crying out “I AM SOOOO HUNGRY”. He’s a good lad.



The day has come! I CAN EAT AGAIN. This morning I weighed myself and I lost another 200 grams. In total I lost 3 kg, which is super exciting! I do look a bit slimmer. Not as slim as I want to be, still a long road to go. But it is motivating to finally lose a little. Afraid I will gain it all back when I will start to eat again. But well, we’ll see.

For breakfast I had a crazy small amount of baked veggies from Sam’s dinner last night. And it was really heavy on my stomach. So weird! Also my chewing is so much slower and longer than before, which is good!

I am very glad I did this. Not only because I lost some weight, but also because I had the chance to reset my gut, because I had more energy, I learned to deal with my hunger and also to be much more disciplined to say no. It was a good experience for me.

I really recommend the company ‘Sapje‘ to my Dutch and Belgian readers. Without this company I would have never-evah succeeded. I would have given up in no time. And let’s face it, their juices are really tasty.
All by all, if you are curious, just try it out. And just force yourself to resist any food. It is so hard, DUDE I KNOW, especially if people around you DO eat. But hey, there are worse things than doing that for 5 days. I do believe that if I didn’t order a juice cleanse from a company, I would have given up on day 2. Juicing so many different juices each day, sorry but ain’t nobody got time for that.

That’s it for now!
Did you ever try a juice cleanse? Or are you planning to do one? Let me know!

Stay cosy,

3 thoughts on “5 day juice cleanse: my experience

  1. I love juices, but I love more smoothies. I never did a juice detox.. but hey, maybe I should give it a try ? I know it’s good for your body. And I can use some extra energy too.

  2. This is so interesting! I don’t think I’d have the willpower for a juice cleanse, but I’ve been swapping snacks for fruit and desserts for yoghurts and that kind of thing, and it’s made me realise that I don’t actually need to eat so much junk because healthy food can be tasty too!

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