Juice cleanse

It’s been quite the phenomenon the past years : the juice cleanse / detox.

I’ve always been crazy skeptical about it because, it just sounded… i mean… not doable…

Look, I am a hungry woman, okay?

I tried drinking a smoothie for breakfast a few times before and man I just didn’t feel satisfied, I felt hungry.

Know, that a smoothie still contains the fiber of the vegetables and the fruits you’ve blended, therefore it should make you feel more full. Your body needs fiber, but it is harder to digest. That’s where the juicing comes in. A 3-10 day juice cleanse basically gives your digestion, your body, a well deserved break. At least that’s what they say.

Others claim the opposite, that it is unhealthy for you. Surprise, surprise. And this is the oh-so-frustrating thing about nutrition, the never ending contradictions. Oh man, I can’t even begin to describe how it drives me nuts.

“Eggs are healthy – oh hell no they are not – You need good fats – Fats are bad – Coconut oil is divine – Coconut oil is the devil- You need meat protein – Guuurl meat develops cancer – lalalalalaLALALA

Dude, please. Cut the crap already. It is an ongoing war about food.
So basically, the only thing left we can do, is just try it out for ourselves. It is as simple as that. Experiment with certain diets and just see how they make you feel. If you feel strong, if you get fancy pants skin, if you get more toned and lose some of that nicely saved up muffin top (believe me, I feel you).

I did a paleo diet in the month of June and wow I felt great. The first few days were pretty damn rough because I cut all sugar and processed foods out of my diet (also glutenfree, dairyfree, soyfree, low carb,…) I felt so bad, so little energy, I was shaking half of the time. But after a few days… well, I kicked my sugar addiction. And boy oh boy, can I just tell you, that, feels, freaking, excellent! Besides feeling better, it also gets easier resisting certain foods. Then vacation, trips, social events and birthdays came along and we were always eating out. It is so hard in our society to stick to a certain diets. So things went down. And since I stopped eating paleo, well can you guess? I feel weak and sick again.

Am I going for a paleo diet again? Maybe, but not for now. Because I would love first to try out a vegan wholesome plant based diet. Yup. If you didn’t know yet, here comes the environmentalist in me: The meat industry is by far the biggest polluter/problem our planet is facing! YES MA’AM. But I won’t get too much into that here, I will dedicate a whole other post to that subject. If you are interested please do watch the documentary Cowspiracy that talks about the environmental impact the meat industry has on our planet, and watch Forks Over Knives if you are interested in what these doctors believe to be the impact of animal product on our health. I care about our planet and I care about my health, so I want to try to cut out all animal product out of my diet. And thirdly, I just loveeee animals. Let me put it this way: I prefer petting them a billion times more than consuming them. It is an aspiration of mine to contribute more to animal wellbeing. But as you can see, I am easily distracted. My conclusion was: I want to try a vegan wholesome plant based diet.

BUT… before doing so, I want to try out this juice cleanse to reset my system. And also because I am really curious what effect it will have on me and my body. The first 2-3 days appear to be very though, but after that it should feel great. Let’s find out! This Wednesday I will start the cleanse!


Because I’m afraid that time will stand in my way, I decided I will give Sapje a go. A Dutch juice cleanse company who delivers a package of juices to your door. The juices are made of organic vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs and seaweed and with no added sugar! What finally did it for me, is that they use glass bottles instead of plastic ones and I’m all up for that! I will film the whole experience.

Cheers!  (sounded appropriate)


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