My holistic health journey

Hello there lovely folks!

A few months ago I posted a new post saying that I’m finally going to start blogging again.

Yeah.. that did not happen, did it?

Surprise surprise life got in the way.
I did several things, one of them being an internship for an interior tv show here in Belgium. Grateful for all the things that happened in the past months.
But boy of boy, so ready for today, tomorrow and all the next days to come!

I have been debating with myself a long time if I would write about this and put it on the interwebs. Finally I decided that if I do this and I reach only one person who gets inspired or that deals with the same problems, then it would already be worth it. So here I go.
Often sick? Or feeling like you are living an unhealthy life? Trying to lose weight? Or you are just curious and maybe just want to have a laugh?
All good, you’re at the right address.

I do believe this needs some backstory first. If you don’t really care about that, well you can check out these old pictures of me in the meanwhile.

The Backstory

For as long as I can remember I struggled with health issues. The symptoms started when I was around 8 years old. I had such severe stomach pain attacks, like every single day. Almost every lunch I had to spend in the first aid room of my primary school. Doctors could never find a cause and once they even told my parents “it’s in your daughter’s head”. Well… as you can imagine, for an 8 year old in pain, that is kind of a shitty thing to say. And with shitty, I mean a real a-hole line.

Finally years later some allergy doctor suggested I might have been dealing with candida and put me on a diet. I did the diet for 3 months. The attacks did go away. But my health never got ‘normal’ again.


From then on I spend almost all my days being non stop nauseous. But I got used to it, so I was able to deal with that. When I was 13 years old, my fingers started to grow a bit crooked. They still are, but they are mostly over flexible. The pain started around my 18, when my wrists and fingers started to hurt so bad when using my hands for example while writing, typing, cutting vegetables,… Severe headaches started to become a daily treat. High cholesterol. Fast heartbeat. Hyperglycemia. I have had 5 kidney infections. Then the lovely subject … pooping … (yay)… was also a huge problem. I ran almost after every meal to a bathroom, which gave me anxiety in social encounters. Last two things I want to address is that I went from being the most hyper-person, to someone lacking so much energy. Feeling tired throughout the whole day is not new to me anymore.  But also I started to gain weight, although my eating style was never awful, and I couldn’t get rid of it.

When I was 22-23 I met someone who told me to get a check if I had something called “HPU” (Hemopyrrollactamurie). Basically it means your body is not producing/absorb magnesium, zinc, manganese and B6. I tested positive on that, so I started to take supplements. Got to admit that since then, I felt so much better. I was finally not spending my days nauseous anymore and my fingers hurt less often.

BUT, the past months I feel often nauseous again, more headaches are coming back, tired, … and man oh man I just can’t lose weight.

Not to forget, that I have visited all sort of doctors, but I’m still where I am. One time I visited a doctor for my weight problem, and guess what? She said it was not necessary to help me because I was not yet overweight. So basically I first have to BE overweight before I can get help? Waw, genius. Such. Total. Bullshit.


So a while ago I said ‘screw it’ and I started spending my days researching, reading, watching documentaries and youtube. Because I am so freaking dedicated to heal myself. If there is one thing I have learned is that most doctors don’t care enough about you to LOOK/SEARCH FURTHER. So I decided to love myself enough to get my shit together and go on this health journey on my own. And not a day went by that I was not learning, researching or trying something. Today I am trying to live a holistic lifestyle.

If you are still reading, awesome, thanks mate, it’s a long one, I know.
Ironically, I tried to keep it short. But I felt like I needed to tell something about my past and present situation before starting this journey. Because if you can relate to what I have been dealing with, than probably my journey will interest you and hopefully can inspire you to change your life as well.

So what’s next?

Next Monday I am getting the results of my intolerance blood test. Pretty curious about that and then I can exclude those things from my diet. After that, things get real.

So what am I going to do the coming months?

  • Adopt a holistic lifestyle
  • Trying a detox juice cleanse
  • Looking for the perfect diet for me: Wholesome plant-based, low carb, candida/leaky gut focused
  • Get active: workout, running and start yoga. I never did sports in my life, so yeah, this might turn out funny
  • Continuing my zero chemicals journey -> Food, cosmetics, household products
  • Trying to reduce our waste
  • Taking the bike more often than the car, for a greener and more active lifestyle
  • Sharing facts about problems our planet is dealing with and tips about a greener lifestyle
  • ….

So if you are curious what the effects of these changes and challenges have on me, if I succeed or fail, if it has a positive or negative impact, if you would like a healthier and/or greener lifestyle, if you want to ban chemicals,… follow along! You can do so by subscribing and following me on Instagram. I think youtubing this journey would be the better option, because it would be much easier to show you things and be more spontaneous, but also to see direct changes in my appearance. But still debating with myself if I feel confident enough to stand before a camera and upload it. Let me know if that would be something you’d be interested in. And if so, if I should do it in English or my native language Flemish (Dutch). You can dm me on Instagram @Foxentric . Also if you have any feedback, tips or question, come say hi!

So that’s that for now.
Stay excellent!


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  1. So proud! My lovely daughter! Hope your journey will reveal what you were searching for all that time. Love you! Dad

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